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Fish Scale Designed Samsung Case with Mirror & Tassels

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Galaxy S7 Edge
Galaxy S7 Edge
Galaxy S8
Galaxy S8Plus
Galaxy S9
Galaxy S9 Plus
Galaxy S10
Galaxy S10 Plus
Galaxy S10 Lite/S10 E
Galaxy Note9
Galaxy Note10
Galaxy Note10Pro/Note10 Plus
Galaxy M10
Galaxy M20
Galaxy M30
Galaxy A40S
Galaxy A750(2018)
Galaxy A9(2018)
Galaxy A8(2018)
Galaxy A8Plus
Galaxy A6
Galaxy A6Plus
Galaxy A10
Galaxy A20
Galaxy A30
Galaxy A40
Galaxy A50
Galaxy A60
Galaxy A70
Galaxy A80
Galaxy J4
Galaxy J4Plus
Galaxy J6
Galaxy J6Plus
Galaxy J8(2018)

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  • Material: plastic
  • Dress up your phone now, get you 2020 vibes on! Our cases are slim, fully flexible and cover all edges of your phone, whilst keeping your phone looking super cute with over 1000+ designs to choose from
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